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Why technicians join our network

1. Offload Accounts Receivable
Heave pays technicians in half the time of industry norms. We assume all collection risk.
2. Choose Jobs You Want
It's hard to build a customer base. Heave provides a steady flow of work in your area. Simply choose the jobs you want to take.
3. Control Your Schedule
Some technicians use Heave on slow days, others use it every day. It's up to you. No subscription fees.

What our network of technicians say

Robert Gray
Active Equipment Repair & FAB
“Heave is great, they pay quicker than your typical large contractors and I can take the jobs I want."
Cole Odom
ECO Heavy Equipment Onsite Service
“Heave’s invoicing is super simple… they always pay within 2 weeks. I only want Heave jobs for that reason!"
Adam Joslin
Joslin Truck & Equipment Repair
"We are proud of our partnership with Heave and how we have been able to expand our reach..."

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Can any technician join the Heave network?

No. We vet technicians to make sure they carry valid liability insurance, have the necessary diagnostic software, and have an online technician assessment exam.

How does it work for technicians?

Once a technician is set up and has the Heave app, you’ll receive alerts when customers request service in your area. After that, it’s up to you. You can opt-in to whatever jobs you want. If a customer books you, you’ll receive confirmation.

Do customers see if technicians pass on a job?

No. Customers only see the technicians that respond with their availability for the job.

Does Heave decide what technicians make on a job?

No. Technicians set their own hourly rates on the Heave app. We add a small mark-up on top. We want to show customers different price points. 

How does invoicing work?

After a job is complete, the technician invoices Heave. We pay the tech Net 15. Heave invoices the customer with Net 30 terms.

Is there an app subscription fee?

No. There’s no cost to being on the Heave network.

How does Heave make money?

We add a small mark-up on top of the technicians’ hourly rate.